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New Online Articles

How to Keep Water Quality High in Garden & Fish Ponds.

When we think of water quality in our water gardens and ponds we usually think of two things: the water's ability to support aquatic life and its clarity.

Read our article on the subject...

Colorfalls     ·     24 inch Stainless Steel Scupper     ·     24 inch Copper Finish Scupper

This 5,500 gallon pond was built using our Tahiti Pond Kit.

This photo shows an example of a koi pond that was built with one of our pond kits.

Are You Ready to Install a Water Garden in Your Yard?
Our Pond Kits and Waterfall Kits will make the job easier.

Interested in installing a water garden or other water feature in your own yard? There are This is our Cyprus Pond Kitmany options available to you. You can choose from hundreds of individual components or you can select a Complete Pond Kit. Our Pond Kits include pond liner, pumps, skimmers, filters and all the supplies needed to create your own personal oasis. If your plan is very detailed and specific you may find that a Pond Kit does not fit your needs well. If this is the case The Water Garden LLC will be happy to assist you with selecting the best pond supplies for your planned water feature.

For most backyard pond installations the plan is a little flexible. This is where a pond kit will be a great solution. Your pond can easily fit into the closest available kit.

Why should you choose one of our high-quality pond kits or waterfall kits?

  • We offer pond kits in several sizes so there is one that will fit in your pond design.
  • Quality products have been carefully chosen by our experts with decades of pond building experience. This ensures that your parts work well together providing you with a successful venture into water gardens.
  • There is no need to guess or spend hours investigating and choosing the right components for your pond, we have already done this part for you.
  • Plumbing is reduced to the minimum amount of fittings with many of the parts already glued together for easy installation.
  • Our pond kits come with complete instructions for building your water garden, saving you time and money on your installation.
  • Better value because of the long lasting materials included. These are the same kits used by many professionals not inferior products pieced together to provide a cheap price.




Pondless WaterfallDisappearing Waterfalls & Water Features

Do you love the sound of moving water, but don't have room or desire for a pond? We've got the answer, Disappearing Waterfalls. Read more about Disappearing waterfalls, fountains, & streams...



Do you want to build a water garden but don't know where to start? We suggest that you read our Overview of Water Gardening Components then read our section on How to Build a Water Garden.



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