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Selecting the Proper Pump

Step 5: Which Pump?

The pumps in our online catalog have a performance chart associated with them that gives the flow rate for various head pressures. For example: you have a pond that is 1500 gallons and your waterfall weir is 10 inches wide. You will need ½ of 1500 gallons or 750 gph for good circulation of your pond but your waterfall requires 1000 to 1500 gph (based on 100 to 150 gph per inch of width of weir). You will want a pump that will provide somewhere around the 1000 gph or 1500 gph that the waterfall requires.

The next step is to determine your head pressure. Your waterfall is 4 feet above the pond water level and the waterfall will require 25 feet of plumbing from the pump to the waterfall. If you consult the Friction Loss Chart, you will see that 1 ½" pipe will be a good choice for 1500 gph.

You will have a FRICTION HEAD of approximately 1 foot if you use 1 ½" pipe. Add to this the 4 feet of STATIC HEAD and your total head pressure will be 5 feet.

The next step is to look at the flow charts for the various pumps. For instance the Pondmaster PMP1800 delivers 1200 gph @ 5 feet of head. If an external pump is desired, you will find the Sequence MDM3600 delivers about 2700 gph @ 5 feet of head. While this is more than necessary, the flow can be adjusted by installing a ball valve on the discharge line. Any of these pumps may work for this application.

Find two or three pumps that will deliver the required flow rate and calculate the operating cost for each pump. Compare this information with the purchase price of each pump and use this information to make an educated decision about which pump is best for your needs.

Should you have questions or wish to discuss your pump options, please contact us at: consult@watergarden.com or by phone at the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

If you didn't find the answers to make your pump selection in this article, we can give you specific suggestions if you send us your information.

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