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Selecting the Proper Pump

Step 3: Submersible vs. External

Before you choose your pump however, there are other things to consider. Should you use a submersible or an external pump?

Submersible pumps are usually less expensive and easier to install. However, some may cost more to operate and usually don't last as long as external pumps. There Sequence 1000are a lot of variables in determining the longevity of a submersible pump. How dirty the water, how often the pump is cleaned, and if it is operated continuous or intermittently will all influence the lifespan of a pump.

External pumps are generally very energy efficient and long lasting, but involve a little more plumbing and you will generally want to find a way to disguise the pump from view.

It is often good to compare the warranty of the pumps you are considering as this can give an idea of which pump will last longer. We have found that on average a pump will last 2-4 times the stated warranty period. A pump that costs twice as much as another but lasts 3 times as long will be a better value.

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