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Selecting the Proper Pump

Step 2: Calculating Head Pressure

The next thing that you want to consider is the amount of head that your system will have so that the correct pump size can be determined. The three main sources of head are:

  • STATIC HEAD- this is the vertical distance you raise the water above the pond surface;
  • FRICTION HEAD- this is the resistance from pipe and fittings as the water flows through;
  • PRESSURE HEAD- the additional pressure required by some filters, venturis, and other devices.

Most pond applications can ignore PRESSURE HEAD. First determine the vertical distance in feet above the water surface, this is the STATIC HEAD. Next, use our Friction Loss Chart to determine your FRICTION HEAD. Add this to your PRESSURE HEAD and you can use this figure to size the pump.

We highly recommend using flexible PVC pipe that eliminates elbows and provides higher flow rates by reducing friction loss. Even though cost may be higher than rigid PVC pipe, it is much easier to install.

There is no problem in using pipe larger than required but smaller will cut your flow rate.

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