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Selecting the Proper Pump

Step 1: Determining Desired Flow Rate

There are several things to consider in order to make a good decision for a pump purchase. The first thing is to determine your required flow rate. You will want your minimum flow rate to be at least half of your pond volume (Pond Volume Calculator). For example if you have a pond that contains 2,000 gallons of water Aqua UV Unitsthen you will want to pump at least 1,000 gallons per hour (gph). This is a starting point. You may find that 1,000 gph is not enough if you plan to have a waterfall that is more than 10 inches wide. Generally for a waterfall you will want 100 - 150 gph per inch of width of the weir (the portion that the water spills over). This amount will vary depending on how smooth or rough the weir is. If you want less than a full flow then less flow is acceptable. You will also need to consider your filter and ultraviolet sterilizer (UV) to make sure that you are moving the right amount of water for these devices.

If your filter or UV has a maximum flow that is less than your required flow rate for good circulation of your pond water, then Plumbing Suppliesyou will need to divert some of the water around these devices and back into the pond. This is accomplished by adding a tee fitting in the pipe coming from the pump and before your filter and/or UV. A ball valve is added between the tee and the filter. Another ball valve is installed on the other leg of the tee. Add more pipe to this leg of the tee and extend the pipe to the waterfall or to the pond. Adjust the ball valves to get the appropriate amount of water flowing to your filter.

>> Step 2: Calculating Head Pressure

Step 3: Submersible vs. External
Step 4: Operation Expenses (cost calculator)
Step 5: Which Pump?