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Pond Care® Ammo-Lock 2
Label Information

Detoxifies Ammonia

Ammo-Lock is available in 16 oz & 64 oz sizes

Why Use Ammo-Lock 2?
Tap water containing chlorine and chloramines is harmful to fish. Ammo-Lock 2 instantly neutralizes toxic chlorine and chloramines, making top water safe for the pond. Fish, decomposing algae, plants and uneaten fish food produce ammonia. Ammonia is colorless and odorless toxic chemical that is the number one killer of pond fish. Ammonia build-up can result from both over-feeding and overstocking of fish. Ammonia build-up can occur whenever starting a new pond, before biological filtration. Ammo-Lock 2 will instantly detoxify ammonia. Use Pond Care Stress Zyme to speed up the development of the biological filter. Ammo-Lock 2 is so unique and effective that it has been granted a United States Patent.

To Neutralize Chlorine and Chloramine: Add 5 teaspoonfuls (25 ml) of Ammo-Lock 2 for every 100 U.S. gallons (378 L) of pond water. Treat the pond with Ammo-Lock 2 BEFORE adding tap water to the pond. One dose of Ammo-Lock 2 will neutralize 2.0 ppm chlorine or 1.0 ppm chloramines.

To Detoxify Ammonia in Pond Water: Add 5 teaspoonfuls (25 ml) of Amo-Lock 2 for every 100 U.S. gallons (378 L) of pond water. One dose of Ammo-lock 2 will detoxify 1.5 ppm of ammonia. Ammo-Lock 2 will hold the ammonia in a non-toxic form until the biological filter converts the ammonia into nitrite and then to non-toxic nitrate. Ammonia test kits will test positive for ammonia when using Ammo-Lock 2. Ammonia livels will drop as the biological filter breaks down the converted ammonia, allowing you to monitor the production of ammonia and the efficiency of the filter.

CONTAINS: No less than 17% Aliphatic Amine Salts.

If swallowed, immediately give 2 glasses of water and induce vomiting. Call physician. In case of contact with skin and eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Call a physician.

Keep out of reach of children. For Garden Pond Use Only.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc
P.O. Box 218
Chalfont, PA 18914

Technical Service: 1-800-847-0659

U.S. Patent # 5,082,573
Made in U.S.A.

Information Source: Pond Care®, maker of Ammo-Lock 2

Please Note: When treating your pond, always refer to the directions on your bottle/jar. Directions change and typos are possible. We strive to always provide up to date accurate information, but for best results you should be sure to follow the directions on the product container.