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Pond Care® Accu-Clear

Type: Water Clarifier

Available In 2 Sizes: 16 oz & 64 oz

Purpose and Benefits: Pond Care Accu-Clear is a colorless liquid that rapidly eliminates cloudy water in koi ponds and water gardens.

Newly constructed ponds may develop cloudy water during the first few weeks, especially in warm, sunny conditions. Established ponds can also experience cloudy water any time. Cloudy, discolored water may form while changing the filter, working with aquatic plants or when making a water change. In all these instances, Accu-Clear quickly restores pond water to a crystal clear condition.

Accu-Clear causes tiny, suspended cloud-forming particles to clump together into larger clumps called flocs. Once clumped together these flocculated particles are easier to trap in the pond filter than the tiny particles, thereby aiding the filter system in keeping the water clear.

If the pond does not have a filtration system, the flocs will settle to the bottom of the pond or become trapped in the pump prefilter. As the water clears, the particles will accumulate in the filter and it will be necessary to rinse the prefilter and filter pads/foams more often when using Accu-Clear to regain crystal clear water.

Directions for Use: Mix the desired dose with one gallon of pond water and distribute evenly around the perimeter of the pond.

Add 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) for every 50 U.S. gallons (190 L) of pond water. Water will clear within several hours.

If a second dose is necessary, wait 24 hours before applying. Filter pads should be rinsed frequently when clearing pond water.

Accu-Clear can be used once a week to keep filters performing at maximum efficiency.

Accu-Clear can be used in ponds and water gardens containing koi, goldfish, and aquatic plants. Overdosing with Accu-Clear causes the product to work more slowly.

Compatibility: Before using Accu-Clear, make certain that the pond has vigorous aeration, (a fountain, waterfall or aeration device) especially during hot summer months. In summer heat, pond water contains very little oxygen.

In sunlight, algae and submerged plants produce oxygen, and in some cases may be the major source of oxygen in the pond. At night, however, submerged plants and algae actually consume oxygen. Decomposing organic matter also consumes oxygen, even after it is removed by the filter. Until the filter is changed, decomposing organic matter may still cause the oxygen level to drop to harmful levels if adequate aeration is not provided.

Therefore, when using Accu-Clear, especially during the warm summer months, adequate aeration is required to keep oxygen levels healthy for your fish. Do not shut off pond pumps or aeration devices at night! Aeration must be provided to pond life at all times.

Information Source: Pond Care®, maker of Accu-Clear

Please Note: When treating your pond, always refer to the directions on your bottle/jar. Directions change and typos are possible. We strive to always provide up to date accurate information, but for best results you should be sure to follow the directions on the product container.


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